Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Inland Northwest Partners Awarded Contract to Manage Startup Washington 365 Program for Whitman and Asotin Counties, Seeks Program Manager

The Inland Northwest Partners (INP), a community, economic development and educational non-profit focused on enhancing the long-term vitality of eastern Washington and northern Idaho, was awarded a two-year contract with the Washington Department of Commerce for the continuation and enhancement of the Startup Washington 365 Program for Whitman and Asotin Counties. The INP is looking to hire a program manager to serve as the champion for the Startup Washington 365 Center for Entrepreneurial Success (CES) in Whitman and Asotin Counties.

 The program manager will focus on connecting entrepreneurs with resources to further their development, act as a champion for entrepreneurship, establish and build the CES within these counties and promote the Startup Washington 365 Program throughout the region. Working collaboratively with Greater Spokane Incorporated’s Startup Spokane program manager and other like-minded organizations throughout the region will be fundamental to the success of the position. A track record suggestive of energetic and innovative experience in effectively interacting with community and industry leaders and elected and appointed public officials is also required.

“The Inland Northwest Partners believes in leveraging the knowledge and skills within the Inland Northwest entrepreneurial ecosystem and collaborating with others to share that knowledge and those skills, creating lasting economic prosperity together. This same collaboration is the secret to enabling innovation and driving economic solutions in our eastern Washington communities,” said Paul Kimmell, chairman of the Inland Northwest Partner Board of Directors.

The application deadline for the program manager position is Friday, Oct. 6. For details on how to apply, go to

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