Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Idaho companies combine efforts for better results

A leading Moscow bio-tech startup company has proven once again that “two is better than one.”
BioTracking LLC, a leader in the livestock pregnancy-testing realm, has recently joined forces with GoNano Technologies, also of Moscow, Idaho, to create more sensitive pregnancy tests for livestock.

“The more we know and the quicker we know it, the better we can manage,” said Idaho Cattle Association President Wyatt Prescott in the Idaho Business Review.

According to the Review, The Nanospring material that BioTracking is working with was invented at The University of Idaho and is being developed by spin-off company GoNano Technologies. The company received money from product-development giant 3M earlier this year to further develop the product.

Essentially, this innovative technology could lead to pregnancy detection up to eight days sooner – as well as indicate monumental economic steps for surrounding business, UI and the community.

“Helping the community to grow economically is important to the university. One of the missions of a land grant university is to help the public,” Dr. Jack McIver, UI vice president of research said in the Idaho Business Review. “We are working this area very hard.”