Thursday, March 27, 2014

Dahl Natural Relocates to Spokane

Dahl Natural LLC recently relocated to Spokane from Corvallis, Ore. Dahl Natural is a federally-funded research operation that monitors pesticides for food and water safety. The company employs eight people and has connected with WSU Spokane’s College of Pharmacy to work on a joint research project with one of its prominent researchers.

To learn more about Dahl Natural, visit or read the Greater Spokane Incorporated press release.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

INW in the News: Marine Log Magazine, "Small Boat Builders Dream Big"

Marine Log Magazine, one of the largest circulation and most popular business-to-business marine magazines in the world, featured the Snake River Boat Builders in its September issue. Click here to read the article and learn about the successful export initiative underway in the Inland Northwest's Lewis-Clark Valley.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Biodiesel Facility Reopens in Odessa, Wash.

The Odessa Public Development Authority recently signed an operating agreement with TransMessis Columbia Plateau, LLC to reopen Odessa’s integrated canola crushing and biodiesel production facility after its closure several months ago.

The facility has restarted production and 20 employees have been hired or re-hired. TransMessis Columbia Plateau will also provide capital to allow an approximate three-fold increase of the capacity of the plant. When that expansion is complete, the facility will employ more than 30 employees and TransMessis anticipates crushing up to 300 tons of canola seed a day, allowing for an annual production of up to 10 million gallons of biodiesel.

Several local farmers supply canola seed to the production facility, further expanding its economic impact on the area.

For more information, contact the Lincoln County EDC at 509-725-1170 or

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Snow Bikes Gain International Interest

Frozen MOTO is a Lewiston, Idaho-based builder of snow bike kits. The founders had a love for dirt biking and were looking for something similar in the winter. That's when Frozen MOTO was born. The company is gaining international interest, recently signing a contract with a Russian distributor. It has also received interested in Japan.

The conversion kits fit any brand of dirt bike and cost $5,500. The company expects to sell 1,000 units next year. Frozen MOTO is also working with 208 Productions of McCall, Idaho and Rage Productions out of Bend, Ore., to make a movie featuring snow bikes, which is expected to be released next fall.

To learn more, visit

Thursday, March 13, 2014

INW In the News: MarineNews Magazine, “Real Marine Highways for Real Intermodal Solutions”

MarineNews Magazine, which covers the work-boat market, recently featured the Port of Lewiston and the Columbia/Snake River System. Click here to read about how the Columbia/Snake River System defines shortsea shipping and promises much, much more.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Inland Northwest Boat Builders Successfully Export Around the World

A group of nine boat manufacturers located in the Inland Northwest’s Lewis-Clark Valley have made big business out of exporting boats around the world. Known as the Snake River Boat Builders, the manufacturers have successfully joined together to market their welded-aluminum boats to Europe. The Snake River Boat Builders Export Program aims to develop viable foreign markets for the welded-aluminum boats. The joint effort has been very successful, generating more than $20 million (and growing) in annual revenue.

The group, along with Valley Vision, the area’s economic development association, and the U.S. Department of Commercial Service, has completed trade missions to Germany, Spain, Norway and Sweden and participated in three international trade shows in Germany and Spain. The group has held in-bound trade missions with Germany, Spain, Turkey, Russia, The Netherlands, Sweden and Norway.

The trade missions have resulted in interest and sales of welded-aluminum boats for fishing, hauling freight, water skiing and law enforcement. Primary markets to date have included Europe and Canada, with additional sales in Africa and South America.

The program is a great example of successful collaboration between members of a dynamic manufacturing cluster and the economic development community of the Lewiston/Clarkston region. Learn more about the Snake River Boat Builders at