Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Silver Valley Economic Development Corp. New Board Members Announced

Congratulations to the new board of directors for the Silver Valley Economic Development Corporation.

Marlene Martin - President
James McMillan
Mark Absec
Bob Beitz
Cheryl Morgan
Jon Cantamessa
David Bargmann
Becky Powers
Shirley George
Dale Lavigne
Duane Little
Margie Todd
Heather Bailey
Jeff Colburn
Gary Moore
Anne Powell
Kathy Zanetti

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spokane New Economy Summit

The Spokane New Economy Summit

April 5th and 6th

Friday- Gonzaga University Jepson Center

Saturday- EWU Phase 1 Building

Hello Spokane Entrepreneurs,

I wanted to tell you all about an event that is happening this weekend.

The Spokane New Economy Summit seeks to promote ideas and strategies for a stronger and more sustainable regional economy and to catalyze support for action.

The Inland Northwest is as an idyllic place to live and work. This reality is being slowly discovered by those outside the area, and we find ourselves on the verge of an economic revitalization. The time is now to prioritize a triple bottom line of profit, people and planet in order to ensure that future development will be lasting and equitable. Many in our community already recognize the value of these key concepts and are putting them into practice. We seek to bring together students, small business owners, farmers, and community members to discuss new ways of thinking about and participating in our economy.  We hope to facilitate discussions on topics ranging from sustainable agriculture to community banking to economics education; and to create space for networking, collaborating, and building momentum towards a more prosperous, inclusive, and resilient Spokane.
Join us on April 5th and 6th to take part in shaping the future! For more information and to register, go to InwNewEconomy.com.

On Saturday afternoon at 2pm, I will be hosting a pitch contest with Cash Prizes.

We will be giving:
$1000 for 1st place
$500 for 2nd place
$250 for 3rd place

The Rules of the Game

• Each pitch shall be a maximum of 5 minutes long. The time keeper will cut each pitcher off at exactly 5 minutes.
• There shall be a maximum of 10 minutes for the pitcher and the audience to discuss the idea after the pitch is complete. The time keeper shall allow the pitcher enough time to comfortably answer the last question when the time is finished.

Judging criteria:
• Sustainability: The business idea will be judge on its sustainability
• Community Development: The business idea will be based on the good it would do for the community around it.
• Based in Place: The business idea will be judged on how well it leverages the current assets
available in the target community.
• Triple Bottom Line Profit Standard. The business idea will be judged based on its profit potential. Profits will be defined by the “Triple Bottom Line” philosophy: societal profit, environmental profit, and financial profit.

The pitcher shall use no electronic media devices.

If you have any questions, contact Reed Jessen