Monday, January 10, 2011

Quality of life part of relocation decision

Companies looking at relocation or expansion consider the business case first. A clear understanding of real estate, labor, power and other costs of doing business are a must, especially in today’s economic environment. Communities without a business case that makes sense are excluded from consideration early in the process.

Once the numbers become enticing, evaluation typically turns to other factors. Quality of life is one of those hard-to-quantify, but important intangibles. Everyday influences such as housing costs, commute times and recreational opportunities all help set communities apart.

Titan Springs, an aerospace parts manufacturer founded in Southern California, moved to Hayden, Idaho. The ability of its employees to own a home without having to commute an hour and a half from Lancaster to Los Angeles was an important factor in that decision. Learn more about quality of life and its impact as a relocation consideration in this interview.