Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Talking economic outlook on KKZZ radio in S. Calif.

California has become a tough place to do business. State government is a mess, pension funds are out of control, and worker's compensation costs are sky high.

It's true that those conditions may be a little more common given today's economy. The problem is California's been this way for 25 years. They simply can't seem to get their act together to run the state.

You start running the numbers and it does not take long for businesses to figure out they can save a lot of money by leaving California. I recently had a chance to discuss the challenges facing the state's business and opportunities they are finding elsewhere with Ron Tunick, a Southern California-based business coach and host of the radio program, "The Business of Life."

We talked about the benefits to small- or medium-sized businesses of looking out of state to escape the high cost of California and burden of its high-tax structure. Businesses considering relocation or expansion weigh many factors, looking for such things as:

  • A stable, favorable tax structure, both business and personal, to minimize impacts on the company and the employees that follow

  • Low-cost electrict utility rates

  • Lower worker's compensation rates

  • Low unemployment rate, such as what exists in Idaho
Tunick spoke favorably about Spokane, Wash. as a place for businesses to consider, calling the city "one of the hidden gems" and its airport "one of the best airports in the country." He is also a big booster of northern Idaho as a place to visit and work. You can access the complete podcast here.