Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Talking about California's economy on "The Business of Life" radio show

Business consultant and radio personality Ron Tunick recently invited me on as a guest of his show, “The Business of Life” in Ventura, Calif. We discussed that state’s economic challenges and their impact on small business. Tunick offered several thoughts about California (“Our economy is in real trouble”), Idaho (“If I had to go to one place, it’d be Hayden Lake, Idaho. God lives there, am I wrong about that?), and Washington (On Spokane: “You talk about a sleeper city in this country where there’s great opportunity and a great workforce. And, for $250,000, you can buy all the home you want.”)

During the 30 minute interview, topics ranged from the disparity in tax structures and state budget troubles to commute times and air transportation. We touched on business considerations specific to small manufacturers. Tunick offered that California needs to get better business retention efforts, before concluding that under current economic conditions: “If you own a business get out of here get up there” to Washington and Idaho. You can listen to the interview here.