Tuesday, October 19, 2010

VIDEO: Impact of state budget crises on the relocation decision

Companies may not be moving, but they are planning. Businesses often take up to three years to consider locations, evaluate what each has to offer and make a decision. How states handle current budget challenges is being watched closely. The outcomes will prove telling to companies considering another state.

When companies do relocate, they’re going to move to states that can manage their budgets. They will look to minimize future state budget uncertainties. The state of Idaho as an example balanced its budget without a tax increase – and it didn’t take them forever to do it. The state of Washington is getting its budget balanced while looking for tax cuts, so it isn’t going to be a burden for the business community. Companies are going to look for states that can do that. Learn more about relocation decision factors in this interview.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New office and technology campus

Manufacturing and technology companies looking to expand will receive a boost with the conversion of a 250,000-square-foot building in Liberty Lake into a multi-building campus. Full development of the campus will allow up to 700,000 square feet of office and manufacturing uses with up to 4,000 jobs. The existing building includes about 65,000 square feet of upper-level office space that could accommodate a large employer or be divided into smaller office spaces. The main level has approximately 80,000 square feet of space suitable for manufacturing, research and development, distribution or warehouse use.

The 70-acre campus will be known as the Meadowwood Technology Office Park. It will include a mix of owner-occupied and leasable facilities.