Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Spokane, Wash. lands on 'Top 100 Places to Live' list

Spokane, Wash. has landed a spot on "Relocate America's 2011 Top 100 Overall Places to Live," continuing its legacy of notably high quality of life.

Known for its continual economic expansion, family-oriented community, and progressive ideas, the area provides its residents with nearly every aspect a comfortable life can offer - and offers breathtaking scenery to enhance the experience.

"Spokane is the perfect base for all sorts of activities with an amazing number of outdoor recreational opportunities just a short drive away," Relocate America wrote. "You'll find mountains for skiing, hiking and biking, lakes and rivers for swimming, boating and fishing, and golf courses with challenging holes and unmatched scenery."

This year, Relocate America chose each candidate based on a few high-priority factors: "communities positioned for economic recovery, already experiencing economic recovery or have proven overall economic stability," according to Relocate America.

Spokane provides beautiful scenery and approximately 260 days of sunshine to utilize it and an optimistic economic outlook. Relocate America notes the strong health care, higher education, and research community that stabilizes and promotes the community's business opportunities.

Holding its own on a list with Austin, Texas, Phoenix, Washington, D.C., and Denver, Spokane seems to offer its every-growing population of residenta more than enough momentum and possibilities to keep them satisfied. Claiming the phrase, "Near Nature-Near Perfect," the community continues to remain a sought-after destination point for individuals looking for a comfortable, affordable and convenient lifestyle.